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  1. Update local branches (fetch/pull)
    1. develop
    2. master
  2. Bump version
    1. Create new issue in VIVO JIRA project ( called "Release/Hotfix x.x.xx"
    2. Create new branch issue/VIVO-xxx from master branch (git checkout -b issue/VIVO-xxx)
    3. Bump version in file VERSION, update text in, commit this change to branch issue/VIVO-xxx and push it
    4. Create pull-request from issue/VIVO-xxx to preview and merge it
  3. Create release (hotfix)
    1. git checkout master
    2. git flow release/hotfix start x.y.z
    3. merge all branches to release/hotfix branch (git merge issue/VIVO-xxx, last merge should be the issue with version bump)
    4. git flow release/hotfix finish x.y.z
  4. Push
    1. master
    2. develop
    3. tags
  5. Control git graph (e.g. on bitbucket)
    1. if merge commits look O.K. (compare two last releases/hotfixes)
    2. if tags have been pushed
  6. Update dependencies to Vivo on projects vivodemovivoproject, if neccessary and test new release
  7. Create Confluence page with issue list like Vivo 2.2.2 change log or Vivo 2.2.3
  8. Create/update release in VIVO JIRA project (tag all isues, fill in release date)
  9. Update change log on Vivo web -
  10. Update Vivo documentation for developers and editors - Vivo, Vivo Documentation
  11. Let people know about new version wherever you can (wink)